COMFORTABLE WORKING GUARANTEED. Ample space and legroom on the operator platform ensure a pleasant workday. The compact steering wheel and the large access steps make getting on and off simple and safe.


EASE OF USE COMES AS STANDARD. Every function is self-explanatory and intuitive to operate after a very short time. As with every BOMAG tandem roller, the main functions can be selected precisely and error-free by the ergonomic control lever.


COMFORTABLE COMPACTION WORK. The response of the control lever is very pleasant; reversing is modulated and very precise. Drum vibration can be activated selectively for the front or rear only, or for both drums. In tandem with the IVC (Intelligent Vibration Control) system, the exciter system guarantees consistent compaction and reliable operation at all times.


The patented BOMAG ECONOMIZER shows the operator the current degree of compaction at all times. LEDs provide permanent information and effectively prevent under or over-compaction. The assistance system saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary passes.


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